Myra Haverda, March 2022

Myra Haverda is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Sociology at the University of Oregon. Before coming to Eugene, she earned a B.A. in sociology with a minor in computer science and an M.S. in sociology at the University of Texas at San Antonio in 2017 and 2019, respectively. She was awarded another M.S in sociology at the University of Oregon in 2022.

Her research interests include gender, social movements, and theory. Her first master’s thesis, “Hybridizing Masculinity: Gender Identity Negotiation Among Men’s Rights Activists,” is a qualitative study of the men’s rights movement using fifteen (15) interviews with self-proclaimed men’s rights activists through the lens of hybrid masculinity theory. Her second master’s thesis, “Belief in Hell, Capital Punishment Favorability, and Religious Schemas: The Importance of Otherworldly Punitive Justice in Understanding Thisworldly Attitudes,” examines religious heterogeneity in otherworldly beliefs that predict capital punishment favorability; this thesis uses secondary quantitative data from the General Social Survey.

Her research is publicly available through her profile on ResearchGate.

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She also manages two other websites for promoting public sociology: “Sociological Fragments,” which are short, accessible excerpts from sociology-related texts, and “Sociology Memes,” which are visual images of sociology-related themes. Each site also has its own Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and email address. She is also one of the website coordinators for the Social Movements and Collective Behaviors section of the American Sociological Association.